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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Wunderlost: A Tribe

Wunderlost: A Tribe
for my alice

inside every moment at once perfecting
the arrow of light, we surpass art
more than even the way you held me
down, i slipped from hopeless to ecstatic

poems of echoing: can i feral tongued swim
this abyss, this charnel ground, i laid down
in the ash, i laid down in regret, i laid down impulsive
a sea of colonized divine, swept up: i did not learn

here to say: careful. be careful with me. dig in hooflet
paw me under, pretty lady, it is always time for tea
a broken heart, the dormouse slumbers and we
are late in the code rabbit of tremble, follow me

whiteness raining down, whiteness cloaking
all we could have surmised, what you want is sight
lined, attention of another nails you to a place
stay hidden, and yet, let desire boil up untrammeled

feed the poem, pull it close hand under the chin
a chinny chin let's blow the house in, i was slippery
sloppy gropings in the trap house out back
seat to the theater of politics and media combing

us thin: watch this trick. i am going to pretend
to care, i am going to make the poem capture
a song, it sounds like progress, but the angel
flew shifted of this flattened line, oh time circles

oh we will stop looking each other in the eye

the future of being human is a mockery
we planted our stakes in words, we clever
animals who speak all the underbelly of listening

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