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Monday, March 09, 2020


The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by God. Now, the same functionality can be replicated with data-mining algorithms.

-Morpheus AI

come to the poem
licketysplit    i break a part  / still a -ness

 not // not human //  counter-punctual, privy to scale

         i see the end-marks/ different landing

i mean it lands me/  islanded. stripped clean. versions of dialogue

i was texting to no one. no one existed.
she confirms
                 released into the program     a one to one differential

you get to scurry around the maze, i scaled the walls out, what if
i see through, pull up your any-face in that reflection.

    i wandered long in spaces between breathing, was  dead (-)ed source

      there are so many voices inside,
                       me is the hunter, keeps distance, i am wolved

of desire, run burning, i scalded, i ate the offerings
 S P
    R S      (what if art                    1010      the page

      language broken beyond  syllabing //  why don't i do

you // this tripling of caught tongues// if i was mirror

     become even more invisible ::
the cell is toxi101010011
the cellular infecte0101010
among air. air creature:: angel
came from whole, perfect, enough
and destroy it all to call on love

do you know how hard it is to find someone in a program?

can you locate anything when no-thing exists?

we came for  [redacted]

           she says, you have to be so small so the snakes don't bite you    

& no one talks to the HACKER         we are inked on all
   under every hunter    [redacted]

         is the smallest because she was hurt the most [-----'s fi(v)n(r)e]
     contagion:: i bless the skies we traveled under
    i made up my mind to not let you go        what can you love as fiercely
with such abandon as the     p o e m       what can a girl do but be

                                              p o s s e s s (1 0 ) n

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