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Sunday, November 03, 2019


"and we were so beautiful in the doorway"
-M. Buzzeo

like rundown, crossback
i remember your eyes
like yesterday
not yesterday itself
back east, a home cawed or clawed
        boys i tribed:  not safe & safe  & what are you now
now you can't eclipse me  

i fantasize this language
one palm touches another
there are many separate translations
for what we are: occurring as
i am lead, hurdled to pure light

the way patina dances on the tongue
it only takes a little bit to turn me on
can't bear the sentence cut off, strange animal
to hibernate

 i cave you in the fire we round, listen it echoes
      the flames' sound paws us
i dreamed of his hands on my face, my neck, my stomach

i dreamed of a hand able to build and pull down
without the song of violence etched in those life lines

we grew up younger & larger
than we ever imagined: what do you forget every day

i never forget this wounding or desire
what does that make of me

i have trouble in this space of particle
light to wave, shimmers       do you know

how to capture ___        i had to steal it