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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Irrational Knowledge of the Object... more questions

1) Does it start suddenly or gradually?
2) Do you recall it when you pass in front of it?
3) Is it mechanic or organic?
4) What are its boundaries?
5) What are its linear and spatial dimensions?
6) Does it confuse belief?
7) How many bone parts does it inhabit?
8) What basic route of ascent/ descent does it take?
9) Would it lay most pleasurably on a hard or wet surface?
10) What causes the most obvious disturbance in its peace?
11) How small a circle does it fit in?
12) What does it echo off of?
13) What grows around it when the lights dim?
14) What remains in its absence?
15) How does it avoid indifference?
16) What borders does it trespass?
17) How quickly does it erode?
18) How does it exist in another way?

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