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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lil Wayne's "God Bless Amerika" shot in Hollygrove

Link to the official VIMEO video:

I don't forgive Wayne for his lack of NOLA love, but I do love the faces in this video and that it was shot in Hollygrove. And this is one of Wayne's better songs that doesn't rely on his cheap misogyny.

I just don't understand how Lil Wayne consistently seems to have the worst PR people in the world.

This is the behind the scenes video that has people up in arms about the flag being on the ground and him stepping on it.

So instead of any mention of New Orleans and its people or the point of the song in relation to this video, the media and every commenter is instead arguing over whether Lil Wayne intentionally stepped on the flag and what that means.

That's all we are getting out of this video.

Are you fucking kidding me?