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Tuesday, November 06, 2012



“Language is a skin. I rub my language against the other.”
-R. Barthes

for Kristin Sanders
                        (& for her students who say they don’t mind the trade)

gradually, till it sloughs off
any coat discarded, torn off husky voice
I was a hub for whispers, gossip mongrels
suck & I gave sip, tutelage where I trained
drawn all over cheeks while sleeping
oh, you confused little ninny
his “other” fills every open line

rockaway rockabye’s
how you sanded my levees
how picture my picture
let’s pretend it’s not the end
of times, part sea: my boat bulky
copied graffiti like a code
for generations stalled
wisdom under the toilet
paper roll: girls just want to have

see how the lids pop open
when she’s upright
I precipitated/ not participated
margined, absolutely
this day is traceable
what couldn’t be tumbled
breath on the frame: would he
notice my invisibility
if I cloaked or by the way, I buy
the double vision wedded
bound tyranny & desire
about to make _____________

Megan Burns

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