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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

September Poem: for Gina Myers

breaking cusps/ break corner
-for Gina Myers

an evening of gathered folds
do you recall how water wanders
you say enough in a poem
& then you have said it
what gets knotted is the straight
way we have of lately
still there are mornings of repeat
what did you want most and won least
botched way of making a family
I would say –there’s no real winning
life but then love spills
think about this time as your own Brontëan moor
it killed all the baby birds because it could
you could find no sheltering storm to home
you hold still like dark
you carry secrets, so many you forget
how to call them
this makes you like everyone
you are a true-to-life death
these dolls need an unboxing
if you make a thing once
you should be able to do it again
but that’s not always the case
I was as life-size as I could be
when a one-year old is gunned down
on the streets of New Orleans
what choice do you have


Megan Burns 

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