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Friday, May 07, 2010

Poetry Bombs and Mother's Day

From the New York News Today, an article reminding us that neither poetry nor your mother is a chore (bore?):

"Mothers Day Poems Needn’t Be a Chore

No money for a mother’s day gift- no problem all you need is a pen, some paper and some coloured pencils. Now look, your mother has been looking after you, loving you, giving you guidance, offering solutions to all your problems since before you could open your mouth to cry for some more breast milk. So the very least that you could do is show your appreciation by giving her a cheerful smile and a little poem to show your gratitude and do you know what, showing her a little gratitude will make her want to look after you until at least next mother’s day."

Wait, what is this about?

I've lost my train of thought. This article is too cerebral for me. In other news...

The poet, S.A. Griffin, and the bomb, Elsie, will be in New Orleans this weekend. Read more about the Poetry Bomb project. The Poetry Bomb reading will be on Sunday, May 9th at 3 p.m. at the Maple Leaf bar.

Here's an interview with poet S. A. Griffin.

My copy of the anthology Not For Mothers Only from Fence Books came in the mail today. They didn't lie; they did get it here by Mother's Day! And it is amazing. I wish I had read some of these poems seven years ago when I first became a mother, but better late than never. I love that the editors open with Mina Loy, namesake for our first child, Mina Evelyn. At least, I had her insights into motherhood seven years ago.

And a small poem for our newest little girl, Issa Mae:

For Issa

hiccuping sigh
oil on dark water
fragile days

four fingered grasp
for one of my fingers
locked love's lullaby

rock-a-bye baby
all the world gasps
a sea barren

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