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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Audubon Zoo: Language of Conservation, Poet Mark Doty

Poet Mark Doty has been working with the Audubon Zoo to create poetry installations that focus on celebrating nature. The exhibits will go on display May 15th. This is a wonderful initiative and puts poetry out there into the world where it should be. Thankfully, you don't need a huge grant to install your own poetry in the world. Just some chalk and a sidewalk or maybe some homemade magnets that you gift in a public place. Outside of property damage and just littering, there are numerous ways to gift the world with your words.

Write a poem on a leaf and then leave it on picnic table under a rock for someone to discover.

From the website:

Language of Conservation

"Find poems that celebrate the natural world at Audubon Zoo! As part of the "Language of Conservation" project Audubon is introducing 37 poetry installations into the Zoo's landscape. Look for writings in a water fountain, hanging from a tree or painted around a garden.

Premieres May 15, 2010
Audubon Zoo"

*******I keep writing the language of conversation instead of conservation. I would like to see an installation called the language of conversation. Maybe installed in elevators or public restrooms or gas stations....

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