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Thursday, July 11, 2019

i have made bargains

all of my life

i would sing to any one listening
look, is that the depth of surrender
give your life for a city
imagine the body itself
a mapping held double & every
street, a waterway and breath
inside me, let me tell you i feel
the fear of it, i could count for you
the way doubt is supple, the way loss
carves, being trapped will turn you into
a gnawing beast and here we would leave
the leg behind

here we would approach each other
the blood of torn limb make ups the grin
we are family in the way disaster will shore
you under so if you want to call me by name
call me under, call me inside
i can never be fully landscape
find me loose of a catch

basin: i was thrifted in lapping
water to the knee, water to the bending where you
meet it face to face: look me down
in the rainbow ways we called human
a soup of chemicals, an alphabet of ease, i deserve
to be happy, we told ourselves, at the expense of survive

we sunbathed on the roofs wrapped in flags
waiting for our personal escorts, we were led by
armed protection to precious escapes, we were
told why rebuild any of it in loving tones because
our value was intrinsic, this -- a story we gutted
this is the greed we tongue, all of us, not one of us
sacred or innocent, know this to be true
if there is terror in one time, there is always terror
tell me where to land in a world consumed by water

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

IN. SIDE>Flood

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
I dreamed my throat was crammed with sticks & I kept pulling them out one by one but there were always more.
DREAMER: Megan Burns [from facebook]

some days it is apparent
my feral heart rivers
i was new orleans in a way most
could not imagine, rooted in streets
of care forgot, you make peace with how
many die there. you roam but come calling
like the water will take us. i was not forgiving.

she will teach you to stay alive
she will teach you the warmth of the muzzle
against the back of your neck, better learn to sing
mark it there, i etched Kalavati
i was never careful, held the whole world inside me

not heart centered, but womb clutched
cervixed to pour open like you leave
me a bowl of husks, like you leave me
and believe there is such a thing as leaving

stranger the perfect alchemy
of familiar and return, don't you want
to be forgiven one day, can you taste it
that perfect bite & swallow of release

read danger in the hours that offer only weather
it's so easy to dream a life: look i am doing
it now. i dreamed we turned over a collection
of shallow stories on desire and loosed them
into a storm, fierce enough to make these waters
topple levees for what is a series of floods that erase
your life again, a suite of moons or a carding
that loops back to this land hemorrhaged
of its one deviant soil: i leaned into both
a city seduced by the sound of its drowning
do not ask someone content in their cage
the path to freedom

Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Describe a:

                  6 Directional Being
                  3 ABOVE/ 3 BELOW

wings inscribed with sound
tell me i did not know what i was doing
building a prophecy
i have always been doing this

back channel ::    where shall we wander

                    it is closer to the dead

of this haunted land, designed to gain access  [container of dangerous tongue]

    [not poems]        [sound]        [sit a spell]       [we are afraid of nothing]

one more page to my madness, she sings         i am not for holding

built a resiliency into the sound : the truth is our desire cages us

the trap of want is that we did not want a life not touched by darkness

[anything too long here begins to rot]

 i built a conduit & called forth a cross road       [how much energy needed]

      tell me how to move hundreds of beings to echo truth {tell me, how to harness sound}

              build me an arc & we boat towards bargaining, i would trade with what meets

    i was calling KA           [as the crow]                  {fly away}      

                        dark mother of sound, tell me who in this life can say i was not capable 

                                            of reaching across the veil & pulling up 
                                                       extinction desired         who is to say 

                i was underground                  but come up for a reaping 

imagine: there are no locks on the doors. you just refuse to leave.
each of us shadowed
each of us debt
if you doubt the link of all suffering in the world 
to the life of one being
you still hold separation as a value
which is to say, what is the value you place
on saving your life
all of us depend upon it


Sunday, July 07, 2019

Memetic Transmission

108 nights i channeled a hundred names
spooled into infinity, a sound echoing
field notes:   i would you     invitation

a protector, i will know by memory
what we survived in other lifetimes
i held you once while the life of you slipped out

in one you carved me down, a knifing
the poem offers, yes, i feel the way you sliced
me open & so gather fear in hearing you speak

when you are near, my mind goes backwards

i reach near dreaming the motherboard
of where you keep, clear channel i have already
told you everything you need to know
impasse of never arrive
not de-story-       but make a - new
i won't leave against lifetimes
all of us cutting to shreds
coded to self-annihilate

it is not what we share outside the poem
that matters, it is reprogramming
inside the narrative like you say a word
and i repeat a gesture, and you tongue the root
and i prize the finale, we choral, we chord,
the crescendo beating the odds never in favor
for the virus is not desirable, we unfurl that portal
what we needed to complete work we chose
let me in the sifting integrate song to a stirring

let me live in this space briefly held mind sane
against the maze you created, and will you lead me
to the center kept safe, will you let me breadcrumb
us back home: there's a hole in the lighthouse
i would you let me slip through for i
am a promise wept: the trick of light
my love, it is easier to see in others
where our own darkness begins
still i want to remember i risked everything

Friday, July 05, 2019


the hum is ______________ thinks of you
in our city __________  no seed
i d___________  to survive water
heard the poem ______ a song
from l_______, playing now
it sounds like an out, she ____
an owl whispering _______
a virus is a _______
like a girl in a machine
p________  no light
& pretending fast __________
forever corpses the warmth
these __________
i ________________ is every second
we talk in ______________ light
all around ____________, they come together
i am the _______ l, i am the soul _____
__ the story too
there are no lies with the dead
yet they lie with us
you keep me asking _________alright
i'm not all right, i'm under_____
i ________________ is every second
we talk in ______________ light
all around ____________, they come together
the birds sing _________the time
i like t___ way this body ______ down
the air is c____: i wonder why _________ hear us
i say inside t__  poem
the poem is __ owl
the hum is ______________ thinks of you
in our city __________  no seed
i d___________  to survive water
for some the veil i__________  thin
half here, i am the cr_______
i am the _______ l, i am the soul _____
__ the story too
there are no lies with the dead
yet they lie with us
a virus is a _______
like a girl in a machine
p________  no light
& pretending fast __________
forever corpses the warmth
these __________
t sounds like an out, she ____
an owl whispering _______

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Field Map :: Beyond Nothingness


to open a portal
                                          ask me the indifference of sound
a word hidden in another word                           it will be what you love most, un/done

take a stone     & pour it over me

it's later than you think, they say, always now

      i dream you die but still we suffer here:: what is the word for what we are

1) Deep Fear of Trust
2) Terminal Aloneness
3) Emotional Regulation
4) Emotional Flashbacks
5) Hyper-Vigilant of people
6) Loss of Faith
7) Profoundly hurt inner child
8) Helplessness & Toxic Shame
9) Repeated Search for a Rescuer
10) Dissociation
11) Persistent Sadness & Suicidal
12) Muscle Armoring

                   how many takes to you savior        

                           angel, i would you
                   walk on water or tell me a word that opens

be careful i don't make a muse            [of you]           sd. [redacted]
          i was looking for a protector      the importance of family

is the coding they hold in their stories    
and if you cannot access those codes
you will wander towards dangers to meet your story
on the field, where we gather, dark angels     i am looking

for codes, will you fly              i am no stranger
          tell me you see me

Friday, June 21, 2019

mother_host body is

mother_host body is

dear small pulpy flesh self named
& held design wrack light

i thought to love tenderly you body hard wept strewn

i thought to love protectdefendwrapped come along this treasure

i thought if i let joy spill
along the lines & edgedcaught throatgesturedstrung warp

i thought if not barter, not broke, not terror, not defend, myfetalbeatstrapped

i thought if i did not weave fear into the lace straightchasegonemad histrionic

i thought if i did let caress, slip, song, kiss, touch gentle we be

how would you spawnminemonsterghouls baby lipped
how you would not lovelyeyed cheek dimplesnout brave lone star

how would you survive here

if i did not tear you up by the root
as i have known

if i did not break you over the horizon
splitsunbreak guidedflame tofingerprint

if i did not whisper into your small seashellearcoiledworlddreaming
that all of this nightmares, that fear suckles best, that scarcebethiscoupling

how would you survive
as i have survived
if i did not teach you to drink from the poisonedwell

smiling           won't you be my baby 

New Dollbaby Piece up at Jacket2: EXTREME TEXTS

 Extreme texts
Edited by Divya Victor


The poetics of hysteria and motherhood


Trigger warning: abuse, suicide

The following document is an archive of two years of my life when I lost custody of my children after I tried to end an abusive marriage. The court took my kids from me based on the art I create: appropriately, the art in this case centers around historical instances when real women also lost their voices, autonomy, and their lives due to their own inability to have freedom and safety in this world. It’s 2019, and women are still not safe. I want to send the song of this text into the future until the answer is sure: when are women going to be safe in this world?

Read full piece at Jacket2: