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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Below is a copied source from Lynda BelieveDat Woolard on facebook. It's very informative as to Gulf Information and resources regarding this BP disaster. Thank you to Lynda for compiling all of these great resources:

"For those of you who have the romantic vision of scrubbing turtles and rinsing off pelicans with Kevin Costner or Sean Penn, I'm afraid to tell you (Michael) that it isn't going to happen. The workers BP has hired as well as the volunteers with non-profits working on the response have all had hazmat or wildlife rescue training. If you have those skills, they definitely want you (call Tri-State Rescue: 866-557-1404)... otherwise there is a list of ways you can help below (which I will add to as more info becomes available)... it may be long, but come on man, I've done most of the research for ya... lol.

EASY TO DO: First the simplest thing you can do is text WILDLIFE to 20222 to donate $10 to the National Wildlife Federation. 97% of funds raised through this text drive will go directly to efforts rehabbing animals in the Gulf. (More info: )

Second easiest thing to do is eat Louisiana seafood. There are still areas that are safe to fish in the Gulf and our fishing communities need the support. Whatever they're catching, go buy ya some!

VOLUNTEER: I did speak with someone at the main response center today and volunteers are needed now. Tasks that untrained people can do include administrative work, taking inventory, pre-beach cleaning (no idea what that means), and translating.

Sign up here: and call to follow up if you get antsy: 1-866-448-5816.You can also sign up with one of the various groups working in the area. Efforts seem to be largely coordinated through the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. Visit and fill out a volunteer form or call 1-800-LACOAST (1-800-522-6278) or 225-767-4181.

Alternately you can see the other groups they are working with and sign up through their websites here: or here:

Birdwatchers have a special job being asked of them through eBird: They are looking for people to visit beaches and report findings on the state of the birds there... this does not include touching or disturbing the wildlife... watching and monitoring only. You can also have a nice meal at a restaurant in the beach community while you're visiting and help support the locals.

Organize a food drive. I know I've been banging this drum for a year now, but because of state budgetary cuts made last year, our food banks have been depleted for quite some time and need more food than ever now. The Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana is leading this charge: There is information on their website about how to conduct a drive or you can give them a call and they'll be happy to set you up. If you live in Marrero, the West Jefferson Medical Center is collecting cans. Bins for food donations will be located in the hospital's atrium, the Fitness Center, Cafe Jefferson and the Physician's Center through May 31.

Here are some additional specific volunteer hotlines to call: To report oiled shoreline : 866.448.5816 To report oiled wildlife: 866.557.1401 To submit alternative response technology, services or products: 281.366.5511

To submit your vessel as a vessel of opportunity skimming system: 281.366.5511

Additionally, if you are in an effected area or have a boat and are going out in the Gulf, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade has created an "Oil Spill Crisis Map" that will allow Gulf Coast residents to report fishers out of work, endangered wildlife, oil on shore, oil sheens and other effects of the oil spill. The map can be viewed at

Reports can be made at that site, or by texting 504.272.7645, e-mailing or tweeting with the hashtag #BPspillmap. Eyewitness reports for the map require a description, and location information such as an address or GPS coordinates.And while there is debate as to whether or not these will ever be used (why the heck not, I ask???)

The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans is working with Matter of Trust:, an environmental nonprofit group, to collect donations of nylons, hair and fur, which can be used in making booms for containing oil. Drop off donations at the Ritz-Carlton, 921 Canal St. Call 504.670.2817 for more information.Monitor other opportunities to volunteer by checking out this group on FB:

DONATE: These are all fabulous groups working on the oil disaster at various levels. Please support them if you can.Gulf Restoration Network:
Tri-state Bird Rescue:
Voice of the Wetlands:
Gulf Aid:
Second Harvest:
Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans:
The Greater New Orleans Foundation:

LEGISLATIVE : Without getting into the politics of offshore drilling, there is still a very important piece of legislation that calls to your congressperson and senators could help. Right now an effort to up the liability cap for oil companies is stalled. Your calls can make a difference. Find your congressman here: and your senator here:

See story here: and here:


Finally, I have to say there are too many sources of info on this issue to list, but there's a pretty comprehensive list of what the Obama administration has done so far here: (P.S. Glad he's coming to Louisiana this Friday cos I still want more!). And if you're on twitter, you can get the latest here:

Also, for those of you in my district, I have to say Congressman Cao is on top of this thing and has been a great source of information. Check it out and sign up for updates here:"

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