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Monday, October 03, 2016

Day 3: A Beam?

Stanza 1: 1-3

One of the Beams?
Is that what ye call it?
Ye ask of kaven?
The Sharing?
How many of the Beams are there?
Will the Manni still turn up tomorrow?
Your man?
Who could knows?
Can't sleep, Jake?
And how are your arches? 
How many Beams remain to hold the tower?
It was an Earthquake, wasn't it?
How can you know that?
Why not?
How long before everything ended?
Or knocked it down completely?
And this 'un?
Is that what I am to you?
On the other side of the tower?
Were we not?
You have no way of telling which one broke?
Do you have the sight then?
Do'ee call me wrong, Roland?
Would there be time to cry out?
Don't you think?
Are you positive this is true?
And how would it end?
Is she even alive?

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