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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 10: Invisible Women

"I feel the lure of the invisible"

Do you remember your first case
of penis envy? How does it feel to have so many
moist feelings "down there"? Why do we call something
by its definition of possibility: it's not as though
a vacuum is my personal destiny.
Disaster is sometimes a splitting: you get to fly
by night pretty or poor, possibly you felt the urge
to bear down: there's a catalogue of what will pass
perfectly it sits// does it sit
perfectly// she's like a fun house
all funny mirrors
he turns round & round
what can you puzzle
what's the feeling of a feeling
dartgun what you believe
let it be inked
let it be a darkening
this scrolling where a lettering
kept us separated-- do you know
what those first moments of love
signify-- had I had another more violent
come hither, come along
once upon a time there was a story
& I couldn't help but being a girl-hero
in the telling

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