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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

New Poems & Essay on Poetics Online

My new essay on Pierre Joris's poetics and work with Magherbian poets is now live over at Rain Taxi. 

edited by Peter Cockelbergh

“There is no difference between inside and outside at the poem’s warp speed.”
              —Pierre Joris, Notes Toward a Nomadic Poetics

Also very happy to have some poems over at Yew Journal along with images by Stephenie Foster. Yew Journal is an online journal of innovative poetry, hybrid writing and images by women.Founded in 2011 by poet Carolyn Guinzio and designer Stephenie Foster, Yew is a venue to showcase three poets per month along with visuals provided by the poets, the editors, or other contributors. Text and image will interact in a manner that enhances and maintains the integrity of both.

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