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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BookShelf Discovery: Horseless press chapbook by Erika Howsare

Dave has been shelving all of my books onto these new bookshelves we had built in my office. Issa is promptly removing and sifting through them as she can now reach the lower ones. She dismantled Anne Sexton as her first choice and then moved up to the Ts. For some reason, she then had this handmade chapbook in her hand by Erika Howsare. I love when you discover a book you have forgotten about. It's a tall (11x3) chapbook, saddle stitched on one side with a brown cover with a long rectangle on the front enclosing parts of the title Elect June Grooms and the author's name. Made by horseless press (2004) in a limited number of 500; it's number 5.

Here's poem 2 from the section Geography:

Small alphabet of hieroglyphs

Here is my button, here

is your thread

which finds its place on the page

You eye each like the body you can

live without

Sudden licks of bright commerce, like chords

in static or bits

of cornstalk through snow

As if someone hung a scarf or a parrot

from the whitebones of the woods

That "whitebones of the woods" is stunning, so stark and silent. I remember when horseless press first started putting out their online review, and now they are putting out perfect bound books like FABRIC: Preludes to the Last American Book by Richard Froude, which I haven't read yet, but I'm a big fan of Froude's work. Here's their website for all up and coming adventures:

How can I create a baby gate to keep the toddler off the last two bookshelves? Should I sprinkle hot sauce around the area?

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