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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love Poems

I like poems that use multiple choice answers and syllabi. I want to write poems with more charts and graphs.

ELENA GEORGIOU's In-Class Assignment*

Text below from Tarpaulin Sky:

Speaking of graphs:

Here is a cool one from Diagram 10.1 on suicidal poets and their controls:

From the site's description:

A total of 158 poems by poets who committed suicide were analyzed for differences in language between early (written within 2-3 years of the poet's first recorded poem), middle (written 2-5 years halfway between their earliest and final poems), and late (written within 1 year of suicide) poems....
In general, the results indicate that certain features of poetry may be associated with suicide. Most intriuging was the combined linguistic evidence to support a social integration approach. That is, the suicide group's poetry contained more first-person singular self-references throughout their careers.
The suicide group used a significantly higher percentage of sexual words throughout all phases of their careers.

1 comment:

PrinceofDarkness said...

this is freakin' interesting... I'm going to follow up on this - and thanx for seeing I posted - I'm trying to get the energy up to put out a new volume of Fear Knocks, and to get more active on my blog... kind of been in a coma for the last year...