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Friday, April 23, 2010

Congrats to Moose!

Big Easy Award Winners:

Raymond “Moose” Jackson, ArtSpot Productions, Mondo Bizarro
Pictured: R. Moose Jackson playing at the 17 Poets! Reading Series
Loup Garou was an amazing play. I'm thrilled that Moose received recognition in his first foray into playwriting. I'm shocked that Kathy Randels and Nick Slie who were nominated for Best Producer and Best Lead Actor were not also awarded. Dave and I went to go see this play out in the heart of City Park when I was about 8 months pregnant. They provided seating, but I brought my own since sitting for two hours at that point could get pretty uncomfortable.
This is exactly how a play should be written, produced and presented to an audience. I was quite certain at one point that Nick Slie, who plays the lead character, the loup garou, was going to blow us all up with a gas tank and a flame thrower. The set for this play was unbelievable and what made it even more fun was the unintentional audience, say a guy walking his dog in the background who had no idea why this guy was running around baying at the moon for a captive audience.
Whenever I'm watching something so visually and vocally stunning; I feel like an infant when they get overstimulated and they need to turn away. It's like you want it to be over, because your brain can't process it all at once and you don't want it to end, because it's so good.
I feel this way about chocolate, peanut butter and milk sometimes as well. But you can have that anytime, and we can only hope the powers that be will bring back the loup garou for our viewing pleasure.

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