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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chaotic session strands state poet laureate

Things remain confused in Louisiana. Poetry forgotten about:

Cetainly this won't keep Bill Jefferson from running for his seat again: "U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, making his quest for a 10th term despite lingering public corruption allegations, garnered five Democratic challengers Wednesday, the first day of qualifying. "

His indictment in part rests on the $90,000 found in his freezer, which he claims to have a "honorable explanation" for as his lawywers point out: "Instead of proving that the frozen cash is evidence of illegal activity, the fact that "Mr. Jefferson took it (the money) home and secured it in his freezer" indicates that it most certainly was not a bribe, the attorneys say. What the money was for and why it was hidden in soy burger boxes is not addressed. "

What is clear is that Bill is getting his protein from soy. How about Bill give the 90,000 to the now defunct poet laureate, promise that he and his extended (also under indictment) family take up a new profession, possibly building homes in New Orleans east, just a thought, and we call it a day...

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