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Friday, June 07, 2013

Wrist & Hoof: Poem for another year in

Wrist & Hoof
-for Desiree Dellagiacomo 6/4/13

love is a type of drifting
there will always be a doubting
imagine this is how you grow older
how the world wonders
don’t you remember this is a place
built on disappearing no stable landing
what are you supposed to do
besides what you have to
think about how hot a fire
must be to burn on water
I know how to construct such
tinder-hearted we live before we die
simple bargains now a dusking
I think there’s fear
there’s a fear & eventual
writing against the content of our content
let’s talk about how the heart changes form
over time through people
let’s talk about its opening & closing
the way it can never be stopped but how we clutch
this is how we carry/ this is how we buck & spar
I have come to consider futility
the heart & its want/ desire & defense/
speak and break speech
a raining down of what we hold hard
against us, once you are strong
you can never not be/ the unbreakable
source of language is chary of cohesion
any animal loves attention
runs from danger/ can’t always see it coming
these are matters of form
poetry is a type of canoeing
in a small lake
love is a bare question
it scatters, the best trick is believing
the world wanted you, we row
out uncompassed cramming up the dead
mouths, this: no end of lettering 

Copyright: Megan Burns 

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