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Monday, April 01, 2013

Day 1: Tunechi Poetry Month


Dear Lil Wayne:

Once upon a time there was a dormouse, the deepest and the dark reasons of which clouds description. Once upon a time, there was a trilling. Do you recall the way to walk backwards, ward strange, to basket the option, to swerve left in the woods where wandered you lonely brown leaved. I wonder. Do you wonder too? I was able to recite how doth the abler regions cast a plague for seven seasons and how many pussies went to St. Ives, but on better days, the honey drips. I’m gonna have to put you downtown beneath the marbled staircase where luxury engines roll out exact replicas of the face we all want to wear this side of the sunset. When it said it was love, it was never enough. I watered the other’s discourse. The city did see; it was second in command. I’m rarely blue, how bout you too? I’m gonna have to put you back through the wire.



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