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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Post-Kosovo Meal: Brinks & Meat & Cheese

Dave returned from Kosovo and wanted meat, cheese and bread. It's actually really hard to find good bread in New Orleans other than white french bread. We did go to La Boulangerie on Magazine which has a good selection, and then over to St. James on Prytania for the cheese selections. 

Here's the meat: ground lamb made into hamburger patties, spinach and feta sausages and two lamb chops all cooked on the stove in a little EVOO

And softshell crabs are in season, so a little crab cooked up in oil as well. I don't like mine fried, so for a small batch you can season and cook on the stove. For a larger batch, you can throw them in the oven and broil them. 

Some sweet peppers and carrots from our garden cooked as well on the stove with just a little oil and seasoned with some fresh herbs as well from the garden.

There's the salad and cheese plate with a little spicy mustard. 

And all plated up: meat, crabs, lamb & veggies. Yum.

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