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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Doll Baby: A Tale

Everyone has a story about a doll:

these babies came wrapped up like little mummies

 each with its own piece of webbing: cocooned

 asleep, waiting to be something different

coming out of the dark box, the grey gauze lovingly taped down
to be an object desired again

when do we enjoy the gaze, 
at the moment of looking
or of looking away

when the lights flash and dim in the bedroom
as I unwrap you
are you speaking to me
what are you saying
our deep silences together

sacred in the piece
and then of things we shall not speak about

floundering in this deep water
what will happen will not be gentle
words as they carve down to bone
but about beauty, less than
but about the caress of eyes upon
more so, and I will pour out 

                       (religious tract packed in the box about being saved)

at the bottom//belief 
be not unbelieving
 make// you// something// to// sing// about

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