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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poetry and 2 years out from the BP Disaster

Last Friday, I was invited to the New Orleans Museum of Art along with poet Gina Ferrara and Artist Tricia Vitrano to talk about poetry and art. I talked about my new chapbook from Fell Swoop Press called irrational knowledge and showed a series of slides by Surrealist women artists including Claude Cahun, Alice Rahon, and Ithell Colquhoun among others. irrational knowledge is based on a Surrealist game called irrational knowledge of the object, and I also discussed other Surrealist games. The video of the reading is below, and you can also find on our 17 Poets! Youtube Channel the other presenters as well as a two part discussion moderated by Susan Larson where we all discussed how art and poetry overlap and influence our respective works.

Poet Nathan Hauke wrote a nice letter in response to irrational knowledge over at the OPEN Reviews section at Horseless Press's website.

I also have two new poems in the latest Horse Less Review #11 along with great poems from Paige Taggert, Jess Rowan, kathryn l. pringle, Curtis Perdue, Jesse Morse, Rob MacDonald, Valerie Loveland, Mike Gross, Kit Frick, Maurice Burford, Ark Codex, Stephanie Anderson, Kimberly Alidio, and Kristin Abraham. Cover art by Dagan McClure-Sikkema.

ALSO in breaking news Nicki Minaj dropped her twitter account for a week but has reemerged on the social media site. Once at 11 million followers, she now only has 9.2 million followers.

Oh, finicky, finicky public. How shall we ever appease your incessant needs?

I'm pretty sure this news event received better coverage than the 2 year anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster.

One engineer has now been arrested due to his role in the BP recovery after the explosion.

As I'm pretty sure no one was ever arrested in the Federal Levee Failures in New Orleans; this actually signals an upsurge in prosecution in criminal activity cloaked in the form of corporations and/ or federal bodies. And remember the magic microbes that cleaned up the oil in the fantasy land of media spin and BP output: well, they're not done wreaking havoc on the Gulf. Seems that microbes eat not just oil, but also crustaceans. BP oil is the event that keeps on giving. Health concerns for children are still not recognized by the Federal Gov't or covered by insurance companies.

From the Surreal to the absurd. We can drink oil, people.

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