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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brakhage video and poem: Birth

And a poem I wrote in 2008 for this video:

Window, Water, Eye
                        for Stan Brakhage

dislocated juxtaposition at opening
inviolable frame born of its design
edged as corners that meet perfect face
what is opening hand along the sill
for grip to landscape what skin to hold bound
the eternal spring of reflections light as an arc
that glides down a dark shadow crease
sun light caught in a watery down
a ledge of hands gliding as teardrops
second grace bold move of hidden limbs
a turning over beginning with the eyes smiling
hold here an infant’s gaze unmasked
in silent drippings no call of song bird
or mother’s laughter to line the page
well of delight in violent tenders
measured grasp of deep flesh mottled
stretched as artist’s canvas expecting
the knife and easily torn to shreds
heartbeat to bent knee it’s dangerous
desire to consume another or capture
love one hand can’t hold very much
cram button with lips what will you
suction divide for cooling shaved clean
for who’s viewing divine intervention
body as wounded animal focus the lens
plate glass of distilled scream clear water
safer than brackish looking mouth
ward encased wide open horror

(This poem was published in 2010 in the chapbook, Framing a Song.) 

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