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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poems via Post & Twitter

The wonderful editors over at Ugly Duckling Presse have sent me some beautiful new letterpress chapbooks including Lev Rubinstein's Thirty Five New Pages, Corina Copp's Pro Magenta and Michael Ford's Where We Expect to See You Soon.

Ugly Duckling Presse not only makes gorgeous chaps, but they have one of the sweetest sites for literary presses on the web. You should check it out, and they are now streaming podcasts of readings. In fact, I'm listening to one now as I type this, which isn't working out so well as I can't concentrate on the poems. I like the idea of poetry just streaming through the brain synapses.

Look for a review of Michael Ford's chapbook in the March Issue (issue 7) of 

Entrepôt. Michael Ford's second collection Olympia Street is available from Trembling Pillow Press. 

Also, Poet Carrie Murphy, a poet I only know through the medium of Twitter, and I are currently writing a collaborative poem via email to celebrate February poetry month. Carrie has a food blog over at Plums in the Icebox and you can follow her on Twitter where she is currently linking a poem a day until March 8th @carriemurph.

When we finish this little experiment, I'll post the fruits of our labors here.

Tonight at 17 Poets! Join us to celebrate the life and legacy of Eluard Burt with performances from Eric Burt, Dave Brinks, Felice Guimont, Cyril and Gayneille Neville, and many others. Show starts shortly after 8.


pottygok said...

Phil Metres, translator of "Thirty-Five New Pages," was our feature in Feb at DCPH! I wish you could have been there!

Solid Quarter said...

Lev Rubinstein's "Thirty Five New Pages" is really blowing my mind. I will have more to say about them as soon as I digest my thoughts. I really enjoyed the Christian Hawkey podcast up at Ugly Duckling's home page. I'll misquote him I'm sure, but I love when he says "folding the writing into the writing" about his work.