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Sunday, October 19, 2008

These and many things are strange

Ok. I really did not write that poem.

And I wouldn't point it out except for the fact.

That someone commented on it.

And they called me Scott.

So, things are looking up.

Well...I got that going for me.

If I were scott, I would probably use the word "untrammeled."

If I were a dot, I would apply myself in various and numinous ways.

Vampires as it were. And other spookies. Cold a bit here in New Orleans.

Anselm Hollo was here last week. And I could not keep my Italian dinner down.
Not that the two are related. But Ed Sanders is here now. And so we have 1968 and poems for New Orleans to look forward and not back to.

We are very sad that Brendan, Tracey and Aurora are not coming. Damn you economy.

But very Happy that Phil and Bernadette will be here Wed. and Hannah will be here Thursday.

If you are looking for your poets and think you have misplaced them, don't be alarmed.
They are safe here in the New Or-leans!


PrinceofDarkness said...

ha ha! You are alive, and well... glad to hear from you and I'll check out the vintage horror stuff...

I know the poster who called you Scott... I'll ask her why she's confusing us... although, we haven't been seen together in some time... we may have become the same person...


Michael Ford said...


They put Issue 1 back up the day after they took it down. It's back on the net, our many names beside our many poems.

Pablo P.