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Monday, May 26, 2014

Trembling Pillow Press presents its first New Orleans Summer Poetry Residency:

Trembling Pillow Press presents its first New Orleans Summer Poetry Residency:

This is an active residency meaning it is not designed to just work on ongoing projects, but an opportunity to immerse oneself in another poetry community and to write and read in a directed way about poetics in relation to the city.

Applications must be received before June 20th: 
$400.00 fee (this covers utilities during your stay)
four weeks

Residency Dates:

any four consecutive weeks within the dates:
(first possible week) July 7-July 11

(last possible week) Aug 18-Aug 22

Resident Space:
1000 square feet of private living space on the second floor of a house including a furnished room with king bed, mini-fridge, private bathroom and living room space, computer, central a/c, out door porch space. There is no smoking inside and the central part of the house has a dog & cat. No animals may be brought on the property.
Access to central home’s kitchen, washer & dryer. One parking spot if needed.
Neighborhood is in Lakeview and is within walking distance of bus & streetcar for downtown access.
Transportation to the residency is not included. Meals are not included.
Linens and towels are provided.
Residents of New Orleans may not apply. 

I’m interested in poets who want to write in New Orleans and who want to learn about the culture of the city as well as the poetry community here. I’m interested in poets who want to be an active in the community here participating in readings and poetry events. If you want to write about the city as well, that’s great.

Residency Activity:
I’ll be creating a weekly focus for the poets that centers around reading certain texts and responding in certain ways. As the publisher of Trembling Pillow Press, the press’ books and books by other local presses will constitute some of the reading. Writing challenges will be set to elaborate on discussions and work that is focused on each week. Poets will not only be writing but also engaging in revision and presenting their work publicly. There will also be plenty of time for poets to work on their own projects and to receive feedback and discussion about these projects as well. Ideally if a poet were to write every day on this residency, they would be able to produce at least one chapbook or 1/3 of a MS for a book.

Poets may bring with them one complete MS for discussion as well. As a publisher, feedback on this MS would entail what makes this MS work and what doesn’t as well as where and in what context this work could be published as well as general ideas around small press publishing.

Poets will be expected to participate in poetry readings and events that happen during their stay. As the host of the Blood Jet Reading Series, I will create a reading for each resident to present their work near the end of their stay.

How to apply:

Submit one page with your name, address, email contact, and bio.

Submit 10 pages of work and 1 page max. explaining why you would benefit from this experience.

Please list two references that I can contact.

Submit all work and information to

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